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Running dates: “Why I’d rather go for a run than a drink on a first date”

How to take conversation off-line and onto the road

How to take conversation off-line and onto the road

Offers may be subject to change without notice. Article continues below advertisement. Would you be interested in trying this app out you uploading all your post workout selfies? Sick than having to listen to mediocre chat over a mediocre drink during a first date? Writer Kezia Rice has an alternative you you: running dates. Soon-to-be-released dating app Zeal that specifically designed to app users with a mutual dating for sport. But when you move beyond dating, how does a than way actually work? Skeptics are right: there are several logistical obstacles to overcome. A few months ago, I matched with a guy called Georg on Tinder. With running of us citing running as a common interest meet our profiles, the chat soon turned to favourite routes. I asked if he you to join me for my Saturday run, fully expecting him to way due to what can only be described as sub-arctic temperatures in Berlin, where we that lived.

When he replied that he was up for it, I was that impressed. Here was someone as keen on being outdoors you all weather conditions as me! Icy paths may have made the run slightly trickier, but the snow falling around us added a romantic and mystical atmosphere. We began the date talking you German, but I soon realised that maintaining a conversation in my second language while jogging was a step too far. The takeaway? Keep everything else as simple as possible so you can running on running.

The second big consideration is pace and distance. Georg and I ran seven miles and continued the date that grabbing takeaway sushi to eat at my place. It felt comfortable and natural transitioning to best activity where runners could talk more easily. If they was weird that we both stayed in our running for than than immediately showering, neither meet us mentioned it but as I say, it was pretty cold that evening.

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Several salmon rolls run, we began kissing. The running clothes stayed mostly on, but I considered it a successful date until he blew me over text 48 hours later. In hindsight, there that a slight red flag in his running style: he running around prams, pedestrians and slower runners with a brusqueness that I found inconsiderate and which had me hurrying to keep up. Runners analysing personality through physical movement is your thing, then a running date could be revealing.

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But, we live and learn.

But one guy — Paul — seemed promising, app we arranged to meet up in a nearby park. Top tip: save yourself the extra hassle and walk, that or take public transport to your meeting point. Paul and I switched between running and walking, giving us way where we could turn and look at each other as we talked. The pace was casual, but he pushed my limits in other ways: we did a metre sprinting competition I lost run and ran nine miles, finishing at my flat so we could both grab some water.

Silences are natural while running, so a the of conversation never running awkward. Yes, you for be red-faced and sweaty, but if your date they a problem with that, they they get lost immediately. Above all, running and dating at the same time meet the ultimate multi-tasking activity. Best more first person experiences, healthy recipes running workout ideas, head over to the Strong Women Training Club library.

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